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Date Publication Title Contents
12/29/2017 Mint Foreign Investor Interest in India will be strong in 2018 JT interview
08/15/2017 FinanceAsia InvITs could help plug India's gaping infrastructure hole JT comments
02/17/2017 Mint There will be a strong rise in consumer spending in India JT interview
02/14/2017 FinanceAsia Indian InvIT IPOs build foundations for an asset class JT comments
09/21/2016 FinanceAsia ICICI Prudential prices IPO at top JT comments
07/15/2016 Mint Narendra Modi government is moving into pay-off stage: Jon Thorn JT interview
09/18/2015 Mint Fiscal populism is a one way gate, and Modi knows that JT interview
08/25/2015 FinanceAsia India starts to fill up tank with IOC divestment JT comments
02/18/2015 HedgeFund Intelligence High-conviction bets propel big gains for Thorn's India Capital fund JT interview
01/01/2015 Bloomberg Best Performing Midsize Fund Bloomberg Top 25 Midsize Hedge Funds
09/03/2014 Wall Street Journal India and Japan Are a Perfect Fit JT's Article
06/13/2014 Mint The new govt just needs to do one thing: bring in GST JT interview
05/30/2014 Grant's Interest Rate Observer Upside breakout on heavy volume JT interview
04/04/2014 Grant's Interest Rate Observer Banking on India JT interview
03/21/2014 Grant's Interest Rate Observer To India and back in just six days JT interview
12/26/2013 Wall Street Journal Heard on the street Abheek Bhattacharya
10/18/2013 Hedge Fund Intelligence Veteran India manager leverages rally JT interview
02/29/2012 Gloom, Boom & Doom Report India as the Cycle Turns Contributory Article
11/30/2010 Gloom, Boom & Doom Report India at the Tipping Point Contributory Article
01/15/2010 Bloomberg Stocks may gain 15% JT interview
11/20/2009 Moneycontrol India's GDP upward inclined: India Capital JT interview
05/18/2009 BBC About the India elections, May 2009 JT interview
10/31/2008 Foreign Debt Repayment of loans
10/01/2008 Gloom, Boom & Doom Report How India (Along with Everything Else) has Changed Contributory Article
10/01/2008 GBD How India Has Changed In-depth review
01/22/2008 Asian Wall Street Journal Asian Rout Deepens Fed Cuts Rate
01/22/2008 Asian Wall Street Journal Investors Still Eager for IPOs Record Issue Expected in 2008
01/17/2008 Bloomberg News Reliance Industries Profit Rises 26% Rise
11/3/2007 The Times Asia's Immunity from US Slump India Decoupled?
07/19/2007 Halkin Weekly Letter India - Stirring Record IPO activity
03/11/2007 The Times Asia's Immunity from US Slump Comments by Stephen Roach and JT
01/16/2007 FinanceAsia Top Fund Manager Remains India Bull JT interview
01/01/2007 Bloomberg Tata's Ambitions Cost Investors Corus takeover
11/01/2006 AsiaHedge Editor's Letter Cyclical markets
10/21/2006 The Times Tata instigates new age of empire Corus takeover
10/12/2005 Bloomberg Banks Profits Rise SBI ICICI
09/01/2005 AsiaHedge 2005 Best Funds Nominations ICF Nominated
7/25/2005 Asian Wall Street Journal Overhauls Remain on Track Steady Progress
07/12/2005 Bloomberg News Yes Bank Shares Surge YES Bank Ltd Comment
07/05/2005 FinanceAsia Government Reforms General comments
6/23/2005 Halkin Weekly Letter Reliance Resolution Reliance comment
6/19/2005 Bloomberg Ambani Brothers End Feud Reliance shares may rise
4/27/2005 Bloomberg Reliance has Record 4th Qtr Comments on Reliance
4/26/2005 Financial Times Reliance Battle takes Shine off Results Ambani Power Struggle
4/25/2005 Barron's Outsourcing Companies Hit Soft Spot IT comment
03/10/2005 Halkin Letter Indian Budget Balanced Budget for GDP growth
03/07/2005 Reuters Focus on ICF JT interview
03/04/2005 Bloomberg News Demand Outlook for Metals Comments by Jon
03/01/2005 Asian Wall Street Journal India's Budget Aims to Maintain Growth Post-budget comments
2/25/2005 Int'l Herald Tribune Shaving India's Budget Deficit Pre-budget comments
2/23/2005 Halkin Weekly Letter India: Behold the Banks/Beware the Budget Review of lunch speech
1/20/2005 Bloomberg News Reliance Expected to Report Record Profits Comments on Reliance
12/16/2004 Halkin Weekly Letter India's Resurgence Investing in India vs. China
12/13/2004 Forbes Lupin's Unsexy Bet Comments on Lupin
12/10/2004 Welling@Weeden The New Indian Raj Review of ICF, and last 10 years
11/22/2004 Financial Times US Funds go for Growth Comments on new investors in India
11/18/2004 Halkin Weekly Letter Indian FX Initiative Comments on use of FX reserves
10/28/2004 Bloomberg TV Metals Report Comments on Indian metal cos
10/26/2004 Bloomberg Monetary Policy Central Bank Comment
10/14/2004 Halkin Weekly Letter Improving Credit Quality Zero downgrades/zero defaults
10/08/2004 FinanceAsia NTPC IPO Indian power IPO sells out in minutes
10/06/2004 Bloomberg TV SectorReview Sector Review Review of banks and TCS
09/06/2004 Financial Times Gate's fund sets sights on India Bill Gates PA to invest in India
8/25/2004 Bloomberg Tata Consultancy Shares TCS IPO Comment
8/19/2004 Halkin Weekly Letter India Bouncing Back? ICF Newsletter comment
08/10/2004 Forbes India's IPOs Branch Out IPOs and ADRs
7/20/2004 CNBC (Asia) TV Fund Focus Review of ICF picks and strategy
7/19/2004 CNBC (India) TV Market Report Budget, FDI and turnover tax
7/15/2004 Bloomberg TV Sector Review Indian IT outlook
7/15/2004 Halkin Weekly Letter Indian Budget Excerpts from Budget Note
07/09/2004 Asian Wall Street Journal India to Raise Limit on Foreign Investing Budget comments
6/30/2004 FinanceAsia India's Dream Team Outlook for India Market
6/23/2004 Financial Times Dust from the Election Yet to Settle Mkt waiting for the Budget
6/15/2004 Asian Wall Street Journal Market Comment India's largest IPO
06/07/2004 Bloomberg TV Morning Call Outlook for India Stocks
5/21/2004 CNBC (Asia) TV Squak Box New Indian Prime Minister
5/20/2004 Asian Wall Street Journal Analysts are Bullish New Gov't Policies
5/19/2004 Bloomberg TV Market Comment Volatility in India- stay focussed
5/18/2004 Financial Times India sees Shares Slide Mkt pressure
05/01/2004 International Economy India Rocks! Past/present/future for Indian stocks
4/21/2004 Financial Times Fund Management CalPERS investment in India
3/23/2004 Halkin Services Newsletter India- strong consumption growth
03/05/2004 The Asian Wall Street Journal Slow Start Shouldn't Faze FM's JT In-depth Interview
2/20/2004 Bloomberg News India's Accelerating Economy Increase in overseas investment
02/03/2004 Bloomberg TV Market View India mkt not over-valued
02/03/2004 CNBC (Asia) TV Squwak Box US Outsourcing to India
02/03/2004 Bloomberg TV Market View Indian Mkt not over-valued
1/15/2004 Far Eastern Economic Review Trade Trumps War India & Pakistan Improve Relations
1/15/2004 Bloomberg News Jon Thorn's Outlook for Stocks Market outlook
12/10/2003 Bloomberg News Gains on the Back of New Law Comment on power sector
12/10/2003 BBC World TV Business Report India's Market: still cheap
12/04/2003 Far Eastern Economic Review High Returns on Drugs Pharma sector comment
12/03/2003 CNBC (Asia) TV Morning Call Nifty on SGX and Vedanta
12/02/2003 Bloomberg News Strategy View Outlook for the mkt: metals
11/30/2003 AsiaHedge India Begins to Break Out Changed market and derivatives
11/19/2003 The Asian Wall Street Journal India's Stock Surge Cools Mkt is moving into a new phase
10/16/2003 CNBC (India) TV Earnings Preview Clarity on RIL's Telecom
10/15/2003 BBC World TV Business Review Review of Mkt and sectors
10/13/2003 CNBC Asia TV Marketwatch - Video Hedge Funds invest in India
09/08/2003 CNBC (India) TV This Rally Belongs to the FIIs Foreigners buy cheap mkt
09/08/2003 Business Week It's a different India this time Stock Market reaction to bombs
09/01/2003 Benchmark Magazine Indian Summer India intro by JT
7/21/2003 CNBC Asia TV Portfolio Tracker ICF +28% YTD; GDP raised to 6.5%
07/07/2003 CNBC Asia TV Morning Call India investment outlook
07/01/2003 AsiaHedge Investors favour India veteran ICF inflows and 60% finance PA
6/18/2003 CNBC (India) TV L&T Deal Positive for Grasim Shareholders Comments on Indian Cement
06/09/2003 Barron's Government Insecurity Indian banks comment
5/26/2003 CNBC Asia TV Squak Box Outlook: Pharma, banks, cement
5/17/2003 FinanceAsia India Bull In-depth interview
5/14/2003 Financial Times India battles to win back investors Infosys/Market comment
04/11/2003 CNBC (India) TV Infosys Now Represents Value In-depth Interview
03/03/2003 CNBC Asia TV Morning Call Budget: buy SBI and ING Vysya
2/28/2003 CNN TV Asia Business Review Review of Indian Budget
01/04/2003 Borsa e Finanza What are the Guru's Ideas? Strategy/picks for 2003: SBI, DRL
12/16/2002 CNBC Asia TV Morning Call 2003 Outlook for India
12/09/2002 BARRON'S Investors Listen Once More to the Song of India IT margins are declining
12/04/2002 CNBC Asia TV The Disinvestment Cue Comments on Disinvestment
11/19/2002 CNBC Asia TV Morning Call Privatization: HPCL, BPCL
11/02/2002 Star TV (India) Policy Debate: BJP Spokesman; Economist; JT Privatization, deficit, politics
10/15/2002 BBC World TV Business Review Review of Mkt and Sectors
10/15/2002 BBC World TV Business Review Review of Mkt and sectors
09/04/2002 Financial Times Investors cheer UTI privatization comment
08/05/2002 Columbia University GSB IPD Case Study: Mutual Funds by Leslie Norton Includes review of UTI by JT
7/26/2002 CNBC Asia TV Squak Box Indian mkt cheap/Pharma
6/20/2002 CNBC Asia TV Morning Call Strategy
6/20/2002 BusinessWeek India May Pay Dearly India strategy
06/07/2002 CNBC (India) TV Morning Call What foreign investors are doing
5/28/2002 The Asian Wall Street Journal Fund Manager Scoops Up India Stocks Maximum fear : cheap market
5/27/2002 BARRON'S War, What is it Good For? War fear: BEL, RIL, OTIS
05/10/2002 Financial Times Otis Investors go on Attack ICF defends investor rights
4/25/2002 The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report India's Brave New World, by Jon Thorn Privatization in India
04/05/2002 The Asian Wall Street Journal Confusion About Moser Baer Stock comment
02/04/2002 BARRON'S Indian Bull Cheap mkt, BEL and cement
01/03/2002 The Asian Wall Street Journal India's Private Sector Cheers UTI Action UTI comment
12/31/2001 The Asian Wall Street Journal Investors in India Bet Nation Won't Go To War Zee TV comment
12/17/2001 BusinessWeek Looking Lively in Bombay Mkt valuation comment
11/05/2001 BusinessWeek Shakeout Looms for Indian Software IT Sector comment
10/13/2001 Borsa & Finanza There is Undiscovered Value in Bombay Mkt and strategy
8/23/2001 Asian Wall Street Journal- Editorial UTI Not Long for This World, by Jon Thorn Story of UTI problem
08/08/2001 Financial Express [India] ICF and FIs Reject Otis Open Offer Otis Elevator comment
08/03/2001 Financial Times New Man in a Position of Trust UTI Comment
7/20/2001 The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report India: The Best of Times/Worst of Times, by JT Cheapest Market in >10 yrs
4/30/2001 Asian Wall Street Journal- Editorial Breaking the Brokers by Jon Thorn Story of Mkt fall and changes
12/16/2000 International Herald Tribune India Cable Sector Produces Winners 1999 stock pick up in 2000
07/08/2000 International Herald Tribune Relic of History- stock certificates Settlement changes in India
05/12/2000 welling@weeden Trading ideas- a soft spot for software ICF and INFY
04/10/2000 Bloomberg Personal India Today Comments
11/08/1999 BARRON'S Eat My Dust, S&P 500 # 2 ranked fund in the world
10/15/1999 The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report India, Inc. - A Progress Report, by Jon Thorn Macro review
8/26/1999 CNBC (Asia) TV Market Wrap Indian mkt and INFY
07/03/1999 International Herald Tribune Cool to be Hot: Stock Pickers/Pacific region Fund Manager stock picks
6/30/1999 Alternative Invest Mgt Assoc Newslett Big Changes and Gains for Small Stocks, by JT Structural change in India
5/17/1999 Business Standard [India] The Elephant and the Tigers- reprint Where Indian market is going
05/05/1999 The Asian Wall Street Journal Fund Scorecard: Indian Funds # 1 ranked Indian Fund
4/15/1999 The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report The Elephant and the Tigers, by Jon Thorn Where Indian market is going
03/01/1999 Portfolio International Something to Smile About in India ICF/Essel profile
02/08/1999 BARRON'S Forget the Raj Q&A interview
10/17/1998 International Herald Tribune The Bear's Upon Us # 1 ranked fund in the world